Pikashow vs ThopTV

Pikashow vs Thoptv

Pikashow is a live streaming app. It is the best streaming app for Android devices and has many advanced features. These features include legal status, organizational qualities, and usage information. Many other alternative apps for Pikashow are also available on Google, like HD Streamz and Thoptv. Compared to all streaming apps, Pikashow is one of the best APK apps on the internet. If we chose one app between Pikashow and Thoptv, which one should we choose? Both are live-streaming apps that belong to Indian developers, and many features are similar and mostly dissimilar. Let’s discuss both app’s details to give you a clear idea of which is the best.

Finding the Difference Between PikaShow and Thoptv:

Pikashow is a popular app all the time in India because it covers all the Indian channels and sports channels. The best thing is that its video results are amazing and in full HD, as compared to Thoptv, which is banned in India due to illegal business in India because it gives access to pirated series. And this does not cover all the channels. Moreover, the main issue is that Thoptv is famous only in India.


Characteristics Pikashow Apk                    Thoptv
Charges Free to use Free to use
Watch Live IPL Seasons                   Yes Yes
Access Indian Channels                     Yes Yes
Access world Channels       no, only Indian channels             no, only Indian channels            
Subscription Yes No
Ratings 4+ 3+
Dubbed movies Yes No


Free to download

Both apps are free to download and free to use. The Pikashow app is free to use and also available as a subscription. In subscription, many features are available for use, and those movies are available that are not available on YouTube, the Thoptv app, or HDStreamz.


Watch content in HD quality:

Many streaming apps are available on Google, but those things in Pikashow are nothing in all the third-party streaming apps. All the features of Pikashow are on one side, and its video results are on one side. At last, the HD result of Pikashow is not compared to any other app.


Pikashow is a user-friendly app. Multi-language is an advanced feature of Pikashow. Those features are very important because if users do not understand English, they can convert it into a language they can understand clearly. That feature is not present in Thoptv or HD Streamz.

Live IPL and TV Channels

Thoptv, Pikashow, and HD Streamz all provide live matches, but they do not provide all cricket matches; they only show the Indian, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh matches. If we discuss the league matches, the show only shows the IPL league. All these apps cover only Indian channels.


Conclusively, after the above discussion, we saw that Pikashow is the best streaming app for sports, dramas, movies, and TV shows. Pikashow is an app that covers all user demands. Its advanced features are very interesting. They are a major source of entertainment. Download Pikashow from this website and enjoy on-the-go streaming joy without any interruptions.