Why Pikashow App is not working?

Why Pikashow App is not working? How do I fix it?

Pikashow is a global streaming platform that offers free video streaming for Android users in different categories, from movies to sports. This app was designed by an Indian company and managed by a highly skilled team of Pikashow developers. Though it’s highly professional handling, there are still chances of errors; after all, it’s a human thing. Hence, there are possibilities of errors in this app, and the most frequent error faced by users is “Why is Pikashow not working?”. In this article, we will enlist all the possible reasons behind this issue and try to fix it with all the possible options.

Reasons for “Why Pikashow is Not Working?”

Several reasons may trigger this working error in this streaming maestro. Here are a few common thresholds for this error.

  • App Cache

The app cache of Pikashow APK or other recently used apps may trigger this issue. Because the cache of this app or any other app encounters handling scripts of this app,.

  • Internet Connection

Poor internet connection may also lead to the malfunction of this streaming app. This streaming app offers a strong internet connection for a seamless streaming experience and the proper functioning of the app.

  • Device Compatibility

Your device may be incompatible with this app. So it is better to check device compatibility to avoid this issue.

  • Apps Running in Background

If there are plenty of other apps running on your device in the background, then this error may occur. Because the apps running in the background consume the RAM of your device, insufficient RAM for this app may lead to this error.

  • Outdated App Version

Using an outdated app version is also among the major reasons that may cause the Pikashow APK to malfunction.

How to Fix “Pikashow is Not Working”

Here are simple solutions to fix this malfunctioning error in the Pikashow app.

  • Clear App Cache

Clearing the app cache may resolve this issue to a great extent. So just go to “Settings” on your Android handset and find the Apps/Applications list here. Tap on the Pikashow App and select “Storage” from the menu list. Here you will find the button “Clear Cache.”  Tap on it, and your issue will be resolved.

  • Reboot Your Device

If your Pikashow app is not working, then rebooting your device may prove handy in this situation. It will close all the other software and apps running on your device and free up RAM space, which may ultimately help your Pikashow app to work properly.

  • Switch to a strong Connection

If this error is occurring due to a poor internet connection, then switching to a strong internet connection will be ideal to resolve the issue.

  • Use a Compatible Device or App Version

Compatibility may also cause this issue for low-end Android users. Hence, to avoid this issue, you should use a compatible device or a compatible version of the app according to your device.

  • Close Background Apps

If different apps are running in the background while streaming videos with Pikashow, then it is better to close all those apps. Closing all those background apps will free up the device’s RAM, which may ultimately fix this issue.

  • Switch to the Latest Version of the App

An outdated app version is among the major causes of the “Pikashow not Working” issue. Hence, you must uninstall your older app and install the Pikashow APK version from this website. Just go to our download page and grab the latest & 100% working APK file for Pikashow.

Final Words

In this article, we have tried to cover different reasons and solutions for the most frequently asked queries of Pikashow users. Here we have enlisted all the reasons that may lead to the “Pikashow is Not Working” error and also provided their possible solutions. Reasons and solutions may differ for different users, and this guide may not be efficient as country restrictions may also lead to this error. You can try a VPN or any other alternative app in this case.

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